Hip Hop Hope, based in Houston Texas, is a ministry that strives for community transformation by way of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here's how they do it.
Video used as the introduction to the annual Christ's Hope And Reconciliation Ministry (C.H.A.R.M.) fund-raiser banquet.

Sophia and her mom, Crista, share their story of hope as they serve God while dealing with Sophia's cancer.

A video highlighting Heritage Park home group hosts Doug & Nancy.

A short documentary that was played at C.H.A.R.M.'s annual breakfast fund raiser. C.H.A.R.M. is an acronym for "Christ's Hope And Reconciliation Ministry" and is focused on helping incarcerated men and women transition from prison to the free with a Christian foundation. For more info:

Video created to give a glimpse of what parents can expect weekly from Texas Avenue Baptist Church's "Children's Church".

Promo video for a woman who was sharing her testimony one Sunday evening at our church.

Music video featuring Chris Lanig.

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